Joppe Hoekstra

Studying at Erasmus University College | Board member DWARS Rotterdam-Rijnmond | Graphic designer and web developer

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DWARS Rotterdam-Rijnmond

DWARS Rotterdam-Rijnmond



GroenLinks Enschede

Het torentje, Den Haag

Leerlingenraad Kottenpark

Silhouette of Het Stedelijk Lyceum Kottenpark

End-of-school celebration committee

Stuntdag Kottenpark 2017


Do you want me design something for you?


I like...

Creative Commons Electronic Frontier Foundation Fight for the Future Wikimedia GroenLinks DWARS Partij voor de dieren Chomsky Bits of Freedom De Correspondent Erasmus University College Bernie Sanders Lessig WWF Unicef GitHub Final Cut Pro Sketch Freepik
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