Hey there,
I'm Joppe.

I'm a world citizen living in Rotterdam, studying International Relations and Political Philosophy at Erasmus University College. I do graphic design, video editing and web development.

I'm co-founder of Activist Handbook and chair of the DWARS Campaign Committee for the upcoming national Dutch elections.

Joppe Hoekstra
Don't hesitate to send me a message if you have a question!

I'd like to run for parliament

While scientists have been warning us for the disastrous effects of the climate crisis, conservative politicians choose short term profit over people. Meanwhile, economists such as Thomas Piketty have made abundantly clear that the ever growing gap between the rich and the rest of the world is no longer sustainable. These fundamental problems don't get the public attention they deserve because of populists who blame scapegoats.

I'm no longer waiting for these childish people in power to do the right thing. Today, a new generation is standing up for their future, and I want to be part of that movement. That is why I have applied to run for parliament as representative of GroenLinks - the Dutch greens.

My work

Activist Handbook: I'm co-founder of Activist Handbook, a collaborative manual for and by activists all around the world. It is a Wikipedia-like platform for organisations and individuals to share knowledge and experiences.

GroenLinks Rotterdam Scouting Committee: In the scouting committee of GroenLinks Rotterdam I'm looking for potential talents in anticipation of the local elections.

DWARS Campaign Committee: As chair of the DWARS (Dutch Young Greens) campaign committee for the upcoming national elections I'm working on a grassroots campaign to engage young people with politics.

DWARS Rotterdam Rijnmond: Since 2017 I've been active for DWARS, the youth organisation of GroenLinks. Currently, I am in the board of DWARS Rotterdam-Rijnmond, being responsible for our social media, website and newsletter. I was active in the campaign committee during the municipal elections, the combined elections for the Provinces and Water Boards and the European elections. Previously, I was part of the audit committee.

Climate March Rotterdam: Together with about thirty other students at Erasmus University College, a climate action group called Erasmus Change was started in March 2019. I developed our website and set up a newsletter. As one of the main organisers of the Rotterdam Climate March, I brought together over 30 green organisations and coordinated over 50 volunteers. With 1.5K participants, the march was the largest in Rotterdam yet.

GroenLinks Enschede: During the Dutch national elections of 2017, I was part of GroenLinks's grass-root campaign in Enschede as member of the Campaigning committee. I was responsible for designing campaigning material for our social media platforms.

Student Council Kottenpark: Working closely together with the other members of the Student Council, I managed our social media, organised numerous events, and represented fellow students by advising the school's management team.

Web development: In my spare time, I like to stay up-to-date about the latest technological developments. See some of my work here: Arjen Y. Hoekstra | ReclaimEUC