Hey there,
I'm Joppe.

I'm project facilitator at Activist Handbook. There, I'm busy training rebels & building the movements of tomorrow.

Want to work together with me? I'm always happy to schedule a video call.

Joppe Hoekstra
Don't hesitate to send me a message if you have a question!

My work

Activist Handbook: I'm co-founder of Activist Handbook, a collaborative manual for and by activists all around the world. It is a Wikipedia-like platform for organisations and individuals to share knowledge and experiences.

FYEG: As part of the coordination team of the FYEG Decentralised Summer Camps, I supported the local prep teams in organising IRL meetups throughout Europe.

DWARS Campaign Committee: As chair of the DWARS (Dutch Young Greens) campaign committee for the upcoming national elections I worked on a grassroots campaign to engage young people with politics.

DWARS Rotterdam Rijnmond: Since 2017, I have been active for DWARS, the youth organisation of GroenLinks. I used to be in the board of DWARS Rotterdam-Rijnmond, being responsible for their social media, website and newsletter. I was active in the campaign committee during the municipal elections, the combined elections for the Provinces and Water Boards and the European elections. I also was part of the audit committee.

GroenLinks Rotterdam Scouting Committee: In the scouting committee of GroenLinks Rotterdam looked for potential talents in anticipation of the local elections.

Climate March Rotterdam: Together with about thirty other students at Erasmus University College, a climate action group called Erasmus Change was started in March 2019. I developed our website and set up a newsletter. As one of the main organisers of the Rotterdam Climate March, I brought together over 30 green organisations and coordinated over 50 volunteers. With 1.5K participants, the march was the largest in Rotterdam yet.

GroenLinks Enschede: During the Dutch national elections of 2017, I was part of GroenLinks's grass-root campaign in Enschede as member of the Campaigning committee. I was responsible for designing campaigning material for our social media platforms.

Student Council Kottenpark: Working closely together with the other members of the Student Council, I managed our social media, organised numerous events, and represented fellow students by advising the school's management team.

Web development: In my spare time, I like to stay up-to-date about the latest technological developments. See some of my work here: Arjen Y. Hoekstra | ReclaimEUC